Travel Advice

SAFETY –Your first concern

Safety of tourist is serious concern in the city. Tourist should wear conservative dresses and wear the dress according to customs in order to avoid any attraction for natives. Avoid from going into dangerous areas and narrow streets during the night.

EMERGENCY FUNDS – Extra Cash will secure you

Please do not forget to keep some extra cash with you. Honestly speaking travelling in Gwadar everything might not turn right to you. Keep the extra cash away from the purse because when some wrong thing happen to you purse so emergency cash will be available to you. Take care of your belonging and beware of pickpockets and robbers. It is advised that not to go at any place lonely.

TO BE EXTRA SECURE- Don’t involve yourself in unwise bravery

Don’t get involved in other people affairs while travelling to Gwadar. Let other people to handle their own matter and move on. Don’t try to resolve debates or dispute that you face on roads and try to avoid them as much as possible. Everything is not worthy for your hand get dirty.


Please make sure don’t move out of the city without proper security and until you coordinate with law enforcement agency. Although this requirement is not been strictly implemented but local authorities should be informed of your travel plan. Keep in mind that you may be challenged and stop by officials, who may tell you to tell around.
For foreign tourist there may be arrangement of police protection for this you need to have No Objection Certificate from the Interior Ministry. In some area of Balochistan there is risk for militant attack and kidnapping. If you planned to visit the area outside Balochistan, Please make sure that you have approval from authorities and there is proper arrangement of security at that place.


It is mandatory to ask before you light up cigarette as smoking is prohibited in all public places and public transport. Although this law is not rigorously followed, its better to be safe. You can see smokers easily on public places and public transport and there is no heavy fine for smokers. As the number of smokers are increasing with time so it becomes necessary to enforce the rule more firmly and there is arrangement of campaigns to educate people about the side effects of smoking.