Places to Visit

Gwadar Port

A warm water deep sea port on the Arabian Sea which is located on the three most important sea routes of oil rich Middle East and Central Asiain Countries. It has major Strategic importance because it connects Pakistan to all major trading spots.

Due to its beautiful view of Arabian Sea with clear water it has attraction for tourists from all over the globe.



Resembling the shape of hammerhead shark this mass of rock was created by the eruption of mud volcano. Majority of the rocks in Gwadar are created by the eruption of volcano activity. Hammerhead provide an amazing view of the Gwadar city on its north and Arabian Sea on its south.

Astola Island

If you visit to Gwadar so don’t forget to visit to Astola Island. It is magnficant,  uninhabited Pakistani island in the Arabian Sea approximately 154 Km (95 miles) from the Gwadar Port. The reson why this Island the beauty of the island remained untranished because this island is located in remote location. If you have plan to visit to this island you have to departure from the fishing port of Pasni by motorized boat from there the distance of island is 39 Km (24 miles)  south-east and take journey of about 5 hours to reach the island. It is approximately 6.7 Km (4.2 miles) long and has maximum width of 2.3 Km (1.4 miles) and occupies area of approximately 6.7 square Km (2.5 square miles). The color of water and the pattern of beaches changes during the daytime which depend upon tide.  The seabed is visible upto the depth of 6 metre (20 feet).

Astol Island is hard destination for tourism. There is no facilites on the island, tourist have to pack everthing from food, water to camping supplies.  Besides the difficulties on island Astola is popular destination for camping. Tourist usually set up camp at the beach and go to snorkeling, deep sea diving and eventually under water fish hunting.

The Princess of Hope

The Princess of Hope statue, located in Hingol National Park, the largest national park of Pakistan on Markan coast in Balochistan and about 190Km (118 miles) from Karachi. This statue was given the name princess of Hope by Angelina Jolie (Hollywood actress) on her visit to this area.



Hingoi National Park

Travelling on the coastal highway about 190 KM (118 miles) from Karachi there located Hongoi National Park the largest in Pakistan. Wildlife in its natural habitat can be observed. You can enjoy swimming in natural underground Hingoi river.



Omara is located 230 Km (150 miles) from Karachi, Omara is situated at the mid-point of Karachi and Gwadar. This area is under the control of Pakistan Navy and Jinnah Naval Base has been located in Imara. Alexander the great stop to take rest at Omara, and one of his generals named Ormuz died here and thus the name Omara.

The Sphinx

The very large man made Sphinx in Egypt are views by many tourist around the world with admiration and praise for those who made it but there is naturally craved sphinx located at the top of range of Makran coastal region that resembles to the Egyptian sphinx. Its beauty and wonder brought many visitors all over the globe.



After passing the Hingoli river bridge there located a coastal semi desert area that offer a chance of safari on Sand dunes. It is one of the reason that tourist gather at Gwadar has been increasing.

Baba Chandrakup

During the trip to Gwadar in Hinglaj is a mud volcano called ‘Chandrakup’ which literally means Moon Well, which are the continent largest volcano. It is known as ‘Baba Chandrakup’ meaning Father Moonwell. The volcano is filled with mud instead of magma (lava). It is one of the few active volcanic sites in continent Asia.

To reach this site tourist need either to rent 4×4 jeep or to travel by foot about distance of 7 Km (4.5 miles).

Buzi Pass

One of the main reason to travel to Gwadar is the Buzi Pass. Travelling on the Makran coastal Highway approximately 6 Km (4 miles) from Kund Malir you would be greatly impressed by the beauty of Buzi Pass as it snakes its way through the mountains. On the one side of the Buzi Pass one can be entertained by the vast blue water of Arabian Sea. When Alexender the great travel through this pass he had lost many of his troops.