Gwadar Development Authority

Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) was established in 2003 to enhance and implement the Master Plan, which only plan was to use the land. After the founding of the G.D.A. Land Marking, Internal Road Network and vision for future Gwadar was developed / finalized. In meantime the Gwadar Town Planning Regionation was adapted. Details of the land use are as below.

19,500  Acres (79   Km²)  Residental                         (Extendable)

200       Acres(0.80 Km²) Commercial                        (Extendable)

210       Acres(0.84 Km²) Recrational                         (Extendable)

10,000 Acres(40.5 Km²)Ware Housing, Industrail, New International Airport, Railway Linkage, Multiple access to port and various urban facilities.

  • Some of other incentives in Gwadar Master Plan includes.
  • Economic Free Zone
  • Subsidized Electricity
  • 5 Roads connecting Gwadar with the rest of the country/China, Afghanistan and India, Secondary access to all countries of Central Asia.

Gwadar Development Authority (G.D.A) is a statutory body. The Chairman of the governing body of Gawdar Development Authority (G.D.A) is the Chief Minister of Balochistan Sardar Sanaullah Khan Zehri. The other member are

  1. Chief Minister, Chairman
  2. Chief Sectary Balohcistan
  3. Addational Chief Secrtary, Planning and Development Govt. of Balochistan
  4. The Secretary Finance, Finance, Govt. Of Balochistan
  5. The Secretary, Ministry of Railways or Representative
  6. The Secretary, Ministry of Communication or Representative
  7. Director General, Gwadar Development Authority (G.D.A.)
  8. Minister, Gwadar Development Authority (G.D.A.)
  9. Member of National Assembly form the Area
  10. Member of the Provincial Assembly from the Area
  11. Ahmad Bakhsh Lehri, Life Time Membership
  12. Directory General Gwadar Development Authority (G.D.A)

The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer of Gwadar Development Authority (G.D.A.) and also the member of Gwadar Development Authority (G.D.A.) governing body.

Functions of Department

  • Regulate the use of land in Gwadar Teshil
  • Monitoring of Planning and Engineering work on Public-Private projects in Gwadar.
  • Development of the infrastructure, Public Services / facilities mentioned in Master Plan.
  • Ensure an Environment friendly Growth
  • Gwadar Development Authority (G.D.A.) Staff

Gwadar Office                                     339

Quetta Office                                           8


Total                                                     347

Office Address:

Governor House Road

Gwadar, Balochistan

Telephone: Director General: (0092) 864-9201004

Offices: (0092) 864-9201010

(0092) 864-9201011

Fax: (0092) 864-9201020