Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Aauthority

To meet the need of the industrial plots in the port city the Govt. of Balochistan is establishing an industrial state(GIE). Due to the creation of deep sea port and establishment of highway which link Gwadar to Quetta, Karachi, Central Asian Countries and Iran. The extension of railway to Gwadar is also in process.

There is plan to develop Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) where the size of plot allocated for the industries ranges from 1-5 acres. Larger manufacturing industries are not expected in the industrial estate expect those who work on imported raw material and their final product of these industries are to be exported. The main areas of business will be

  • Import and Export
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Construction
  • Shipping
  • Building materal
  • Textile
  • Transshipping
  • Leather Garments
  • Value Added processing
  • Repacking


The location of the project is 40Km (25 miles) from the Gwadar city situated on Makran Coastal Highway. On the south of Makran Coastal Highway total area of 3000 acres has been allocated which will developed in three phases, 1000 acres in each phase.


Deep sea port of Gwadar is the greatest catalyst for the success of industrial estate. There are also numbers of important infrastructure projects some of them are started or planned in Gwadar city to make Gwadar Industrail Estate (GIE) an attractive place for investment.

Some of these projects are listed as.

  • Makran Coastal Highway has been completed by the National Highway Authority (NHA) and the distance between the Gwadar and Karachi has been reduced considerably.
  • Gwadar-Ratto Dero Road section has to be completed by the April of this year which connect the port city with the western part of the country.
  • Gwadar- Panjgur Road which is in the phase of construction
  • 132 KV transmission line is under the phase of development from Turbat to Gwadar to use the power supply from Iran.
  • Remodeling of the Akra-Kaur Dam in order to provide water supply to Gwadar.
  • Construction of a new International airport is near the Gwadar Industial Estate in order to provide operation to wide body jet air craft.

There is also planning of rail link which connect Gwadar to Quetta (provincial capital).

Town Planning

The planning on 2000 acres of land has been successfully completed. A service road has been built parallel to coastal Highway beside the row of Highway. The major from part of the Coastal Highway has been reserved for commercial and institutional uses. The main entries to the Estate is provided by two major roads, 250 feet and 200 feet. A full-fledged civic center has to be built in the center of 3000 acres site.

The area of industrail plots are one, two and five acres. Commerical plats  have area of 1000 and 2000 Square Yards.


An institute Gwadar Industrail Estate Development Authority(GIEDA) has been developed by the Govt. of Balochistan for the development and management of Industrail Estate. GIEDA has been headed by its Chairman, the Secretary Industries and Commerce, Balochistan while Director of the board comprises of Director Industries, Balochistan, Secretary Finance, Balochistan and Managing Director GIEDA. This will provide sustainable development and finaical authority to GIEDA.

Guest House

A Gwadar Industrail Estate Guest House has been built at imporatant site in Gwadar Industrial Estate. The GIE Guest House has one V.I.P. suite, Lounges, four bedrooms, dinning hall and conference room.The plot area is 5000 square yards and has covered area of 5800 square feet.

Early Road Work

Contruction of Roads on major and important roads had started. Its first phase include two major roads 200 feet and 250 feet respectively, 150 feet wide internal spine and 60 feet wide service road which is parrllel to Makran Coastal Highway has been started.

Grid Station

Seven acres of land has been allocated to Grid Station. The WAPDA has complete this Grid Station.

Desalnation Plant

A 2.0 Million Gallons per day (MGD) desalination plant is suggested to be installed in GIE. The Balochistan Development Authority (BDA) will install this plant on the behalf of GIEDA. The work of another desalination plant which is of capacity 0.2 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) in in phase of development.

Underground Tank

RCC tank of capacity of 250,000 Gallons has been complete to store and supply treated water from desalination polant.

Office Adresses:

Gwadar Office: House #2, Near New Town Office,

Phase 1, Gwadar.


Karachi Office:D-102/2, Block 2, Clifton, Karachi.